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“Crap! This writing with my left hand sucks balls!” Creators Ted Sikora and Milo Miller, join Marc and Tim to talk about their digital comic sensation, Apama: The Undiscovered Animal and indie movie cult hit, Hero Tomorrow. Other topics include Metallurgical Ages, Dan Slott and Spider-man, Cleveland, LeBron James and The … Continue reading
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Skottie Young is jealous that Drew and Tim could now blacksmith their own ‘Iron Fist’. Skottie Young guest stars with Drew Browne and Tim Van Autreve on Comic Nerds Unite to talk Immortal Iron Fist Volume 1 (2007). The conversation derails several times as Skottie fumes that he’s not man … Continue reading
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Anyone can cook! Drew Browne Esquire joins Marc and Tim to discuss the long process of prepping homegrown tomatoes, Daredevil (2014) #7, Southern Bastards #3, Frankenstein: Alive, Alive!. Marc even touches his wet underbelly and read a dirty, dirty issue of Zap Comix from 1976. Books We Read This Week: … Continue reading
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Marc is back! Apparently, he was fighting the Comic Book Podcast Wars of the Future. I missed him terribly. We talk Comic Bento, American Virgin, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, and Annihilation Book 2. Books We Read This Week: American Virgin Iron Fist: The Living Weapon Annihilation Book 2 Miscellaneous … Continue reading
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