Comic Nerds Unite: Comic Book Podcast
Tim and Marc celebrate Father’s Day by having all of Tim’s children on the podcast to discuss growing up as nerds. We give Marc advice on raising his own child who is coming in July. This podcast will appeal to anyone that loves kids in general. Check it out! Nolan Herman, … Continue reading
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Marc or Tim had no way to do a normal podcast so here’s some quick filler we recorded for you. We talk Beer-Easter, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 by Kaare Kyle Andrews, and Burn the Orphanage #1 by Sina Grace and Daniel Friedman. Marc or Tim had no way … Continue reading
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Derick Armijo guest stars with Marc and Tim to time travel back in time to fill the void of a missing episode #35 (and placate Marc’s OCD). We talk Tim’s favorite, Grant Morrison, and his Batman RIP, Tiger Lawyer by Ryan Ferrier and Vic Malhotra, and World Famous Big Al’s. … Continue reading

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Marc and Tim were joined by Jeremiah Lambert to talk comics. Daredevil #20-25 were the reading assignment for the week. We talk a few other books too. Check it out! Books We Read This Week: All-New X-Men #27 Nightcrawler #2 Transformers Spotlight: Dark Cybertron Prelude Miscellaneous Topics: Weird fact about Jack Kirby: Jack … Continue reading
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