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Marc and Tim have a couple special youngling guests as Nolan Herman and Lexi Van Autreve join us for a couple reviews. We talk Chew Volume 2, the Lego Movie, Infinity: The Hunt. Fantastic Four reboot movie has been cast Daredevil moves to San Francisco Black Widow movie Guardians of … Continue reading
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We talk at length on Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja. James Pamson from J&J Films joins Marc and Tim for some comic book talkin’.Greg Rucka to take on an ongoing Cyclops book featuring young Cyclops New Spider-man book in May – probably Spider-man 2099 Shadowcat is gay Rich … Continue reading
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Episode 19 of Nightwing Loves Power Girl is coming at your FACE! Tim, Marc, and Crystal talk Ghost World by Daniel Clowes and a bunch of other comicy stuffy stuff. Yesterday was Green Lantern Day – 2.8.14 Moon Knight back from Warren Ellis and with a new look. And no … Continue reading
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The Groundhog Day Edition Nightwing Loves Power Girl Podcast is filled with comic book, movie, and tv talk and is nearly three hours long! We were joined by very special guests; the wives. Jen comes onto the show for the fourth time and Crystal graces us with her grammar powers … Continue reading
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