Comic Nerds Unite: Comic Book Podcast
In this episode, Marc, Tim and Jen travel to the sad excuse for a comic convention that is the Peoria Comic-Con. We buy 10 terrible books each and Jen scores us on who got the worst books. These are some TERRIBLE comics bought from a TERRIBLE ‘Con’. But the podcast … Continue reading
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We talk FF from Marvel Now! and Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley…oh, yeah, and way more stuff. FF from Marvel Now! and how awesome the Allreds are The Dark Knight Strikes Again – Batman as a super villian. We get philosophical about our … Continue reading
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In this podcast we wax poetic about the best moments and best comics of 2013 plus much more. Listen to hear what Marc and Tim picked for 2013.Peter Parker is back. We saw how in Superior Spiderman #19 Shia LeBeouf hired a sky writer to apologize John Layman off Batman: … Continue reading
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The hosts of Radio Brendoman, Brendan Creecy and Phillip Vecchio, are very special guests on the latest Nightwing Loves Power Girl. We discuss: Star Wars comics going to Marvel Amazing Spider-man #1 in April by Slott and Ramos The Rock has big meeting with DC. Deadpool getting married with Gail Simone. … Continue reading
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