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Bricka Bracka We Discuss:  Paul Rudd is Ant-Man. Vin Diesel is Groot. Sweet Holiday comiXology sales; Marvel Now! and DC Graphic Novels. Shia LaBeouf steals Daniel Clowes’ work. Dick move, Shia. Jeff calls out Comics Alliance for misspelling ‘Namor’. Aquaman vs The Doom Patrol movie happening? Maybe in 2016. Tzzzack … Continue reading
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Episode 12! Was’sup!? We discuss: Plastic Man origin in Justice League #25 Batman: The Dark Knight cancelled in March Animal Man cancelled in March Something big coming from DC in April We got punked by Picture House Books. Aquaman dating the Invisible Woman New Mutants Vol. 1 #59 Marc’s great … Continue reading
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This being our lovely eleventh episode, Tim, Marc, and Jeff talk All-New Marvel NOW!, Amazing Spider-Man #700.1, All-Star Western #24, Amazing X-Men #1, Nightcrawler, Azazel, how great the X-Men universe has been lately, Teen Titans Go! #1, Thor: God of Thunder #15, Just 4 Fun in Peoria, IL, AvX Heroclix … Continue reading
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Holy Juice Box, Nightwing! We’re on our tenth episode! To celebrate, we are debuting our brand spanking new theme song by The Fantastic Plastics. This song could not be more awesome or perfect for the podcast. Check them out at or follow on Twitter @plasticsband This episode is jam-packed with … Continue reading
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