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We travel back to 2000 and try to re-kindle Tim's love of comics by covering Judd Winnick's first three issues on Green Lantern starring Kyle Rayner, #s 129-131, from DC Comics.  We also talk about West Coast Avengers #s 2 & 50 from Marvel Comics, issue #2 being written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Al Milgrom, and issue #50 written and drawn by John Byrne.  Tim talks about Avengers Annual 2000, written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Norm Breyfogle and Richard Howell, and The Chairs' Hiatus by Matthew Bogart.  Marc also talked about Teen Titans #4 by Geoff Johns and Mike McKone from DC Comics, and a box of old, coverless comics he bought!  We miss you Kent!!!!

This episode is unofficially sponsored by baggy 90s clothing.


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