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Tim and Marc get a weird MP3 in the e-mail, which turns out to be from 2011 and is a review of DC's New 52- Batman Volume 1, The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo!  Weird, right?  The MP3 also contains reviews of the New 52's Detective Comics #s 0-18 by Tony S Daniel, John Layman, Greg Hurwitz, and Jason Fabok, Catwoman #s 1-12, and Harley's Little Black Book #1. 

We also discuss the news of DC revamping Hanna Barbara properties in comic book form, Wal-Marts selling trade paperbacks, Tim's crusade to get RC Cola into social media, a letter from #1 fan Kent Wagenschutz, and some Time Master guy in the corner who didn't stop break dancing.


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