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Episode #4 is here! Within, we discuss: The digital DC Trade Embargo Smelly comics Marvel Now! Phase 2 Justice League (2011) Issues #1-6 A very sexy Nightwing + Power Girl date Woosh Follow Us On Twitter @supertim82 = Tim @personman44 = Marc Rate Us on the Internets: iTunes Stitcher Listen … Continue reading

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In Nightwing Loves Power Girl Episode #3 Marc and Tim discuss new ABC/Marvel TV show, Agents of Shield, Widening Gyre by Fat Kev Smith, Li’l Gotham, The Flash 23.1: Gorilla Grodd from the Forever Evil event, and most importantly, hockey axes. The third one is always the best. Right? ┬áReturn … Continue reading
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In our second podcast, we discuss Fatale Volume 1, the new future X-Men team from Battle of the Atom, the news about a Jim Gordon TV show, and Captain America # 10 & 11. Follow Us On Twitter @supertim82 = Tim @personman44 = Marc Rate Us on the Internets: iTunes … Continue reading

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This is our voyage episode!  in it we introduce our comic histories, talk about Kingdom Come, Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman run (specifically # 195-205), Thor #11, 3 Stories by Dash Shaw, and some comic news. We did have some technical audio issues with Tim’s mic on this first podcast (famous … Continue reading

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